there's an "i" in fashion...

This is certainly a first for me... I've struggled with whether or not to include photos of myself on AIF from day one, and although I love looking at other people's personal style photos, the thought of exposing myself to the blogosphere felt, in a word, scary. So after months of consideration, I decided to take the plunge and just go for it... eek!

With only an iphone, a good friend, and some major uneasiness regarding the task ahead, I set off to one of my favourite cemeteries to see what would transpire... and although this is a far cry from where I would like my personal style photos to someday be (next time I'll actually plan an outfit ahead of time!), it turned out to be a somewhat decent first attempt... I hope you all agree!

Outfit details: Dress- thrifted; Sandals- Town's Shoes; Necklace- gifted; Ring and Bracelet- vintage


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