fox trot...


My friend let me try on her vintage fox fur hat a while back, and it was probably the single most luxurious thing I've ever felt... I know what some of you may be thinking: fur is disgusting! Inhumane even! It's terrible to kill an innocent animal in the name of fashion, and as a vegetarian, trust me, I completely agree. But here's the thing- when a piece of fur is vintage, I somehow don't feel quite so icky about it. Call it denial or some kind of ethical loophole, but for whatever reason I just don't have a problem with vintage furs. I mean the animal was killed decades ago anyway, so it strikes me as extremely wasteful not to utilize its fur... and at the end of the day, if this prevents someone from buying a new piece of fur, isn't that a good thing? I myself choose to think of it as a form of recycling... how about you?


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