monty, the python...


I'm so excited about this bracelet, I just couldn't resist sharing it with my lovely readers! I've been a longtime lover of serpent motifs in jewelry, and have always had an affinity for ancient Egyptian examples. I mentioned this to Mr. AIF about a year ago while at an exhibit, so naturally he stowed this info away for an opportune moment... We just celebrated an anniversary (ironically, the day of our big move!), and he was crafty enough to find this example at my favourite antique mall and surprise me with it... I know, right?

I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this bracelet, which I christened "Monty" and since haven't removed from my wrist. Evidently he's a Victorian Revival piece by Whiting and Davis from the 70's, and I couldn't be more psyched by this gift... He's sssss-super!


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