attack of the sequins... the sequel

Remember how it was cool to wear sequined tops and dresses a couple of years back? I do. I remember not being able to enter a store without being bombarded by sparkle... from higher end shops all the way down to Sirens (no disrespect, Sirens has served me well over the years), sequins were everywhere. As a fan of all that shimmers and sparkles, I quickly climbed aboard the sequin express and invested in a couple of tops that I wore ad nauseum. By the end of the season I grew to despise them (surprise surprise), yet somehow I couldn't quite bring myself to throw them away... and thank God I didn't! Because from Gucci, to Versace, to Balmain and beyond, sequins are back and in a big way. Every store I come across is sporting the trend, only this year sequins have gone beyond the tops and dresses of days yore to adorn blazers, leggings and accessories galore... I guess some things are simply worth a repeat performance.


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