What's Up Doc

Maybe it stems from a mild obsession I have for Alice in Wonderland/ Watership Down, but I've fallen under the spell of Bunny Ears (preferably by Maison michel a la Olsen)- just the funnest, punchiest accessory around.  And I think it's the Hugh Hefner in me, but there's something about the ears that are, dare I say it, quite hot... It's probably a good job I'm not a fashion editor as I would be horribly annoying and feature them in absolutely every story right now.  Somehow I think I would get laughed out of the pub and all the way home if I donned some myself but it's always nice to pretend.  But if anyone else is keen, perhaps we should make a pact and really make an effort to make them the new comdey antlers this Christmas...

Source: Fashion Squad, http://www.timwalker.com/ , coolee.com.au, cashhhmoni.com


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