style crush: The Olsens

Two is always better than one, and such is the case with these two trail blazers. With a less than humble beginning, the girls rose to fame with the help of Full House and a series of Nickelodeon-esque stints. But from the fromage the twins rose, breaking away from their once childish image to reach it-girl celebrity status in what seemed like a blink of the eye. It was as though the twins woke up one day, expertly threw on some mismatched designer duds, grabbed a venti at their local Starbucks on their way to class, and voila! the paparazzi went crazy. From then on the girls quickly became fashion icons, popping up at major fashion events (in style!) and even starting their own clothing lines. Is there anything these pint-sized lovelies can't do? Certainly not in my eyes..


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