Meaningful Beauty: A Review

When the nice people at Guthy|Renker offered to send me some Meaningful Beauty products to review, I couldn't believe my luck - I've honestly wanted to try out the line ever since watching Cindy Crawford's infomercial about the products over a year ago! Not to sound like a Shopping Channel devotee or anything (I'm so not), but have you seen Cindy lately?! That woman has barely aged a day since the 90s! Now I don't know if this is entirely linked to the MB brand or not, but if even a portion of her fountain-of-youth complexion can be attributed one of those glistening white bottles, I so want at in!

Anyway, when my package arrived a couple days later, I expected to find an array of sample-sized packets, as per usual in the beauty industry. So you can imagine my delight, however, when I opened that Fedex box to find full-sized bottles of the entire product range instead! We're talking everything from face wash and exfoliants, to SPF 20 day cream, a deep cleansing mask, eyes cream, and literally everything in between... I couldn't believe my luck, and basically bee-lined to the bathroom to try them all out!

I've been using the products religiously for over a month now, and I'm very happy to report that my skin has never looked better. I get compliments on how clear and dewy my complexion looks all the time, even though I went through a little "rough patch" since moving back to Edmonton and it's oh-so-dry climate. But really, if someone can look past a peeling, disgusting nose long enough to comment on the overall condition of my skin, that's saying something in my books!

So if you're a total skin-care sucker like me, I would honestly recommend trying out Meaningful Beauty... And although some of their products are a little advanced for younger skin (think decollete firming creams and wrinkle smoothing capsules), they really do have something for everyone. I for one am hooked on their anti-aging night cream, and definitely plan on going back for more. I probably won't op for their skin-softening cleanser in the future, but that's only because I'm all about foaming cleansers... Hey, to each their own, right?

A BIG thank you goes out to Guthy|Renker for generously sending me the entire Meaningful Beauty line! You guys are amazing, and I'm so appreciative to have been able to try out these products first-hand...

What kind of skin care do you guys use? I wanna know! xx



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