Wardrobe Wednesday // Instagram Edition

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I love shopping as much as the next girl, but I've been trying to cutback a bit this month as a bit of a personal challenge... Now I know you must be thinking 'Wow, she must really hate herself,' but I assure you, I do not... I just wanted to try my hand at reducing my clothing consumption while making more out of what I already have. And although I've picked up a couple things here and there (see my Forever 21 jewelry haul above!), it feels pretty darn good saving money for a change... Go figure.

So for this week's Wardrobe Wednesday I thought it best to focus on some cherished accessories and my new favourite store, with only minimal attention paid (no pun!) to new purchases... I must be turning a new leaf or something! xx

Clockwise from top: Clothing & amazing oxfords from Loft 82; skull bracelet from H&M Against AIDS (so cute!); a few of my fave lip colours from Joe Fresh, Revlon & Sephora; a super old nail polish DIY on old H&M rings; my House of Harlow bangle and new Forever 21 bracelet; my latest jewelry haul from Forever 21; a nail polish DIY I did for the Edmonton Journal


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