Step Up & Style With Vince Camuto Canada...

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Attention fashion friends: Vince Camuto is coming to Canada this fall in all his chic-y (yes, I said chic-y) goodness with a complete lifestyle collection! We're talking clothes, accessories and yes, shoes. To celebrate, they've put together a little blogger styling campaign (including yours truly) that will run until August 13th, honouring four lucky Canadian bloggers with a hefty giftcard... Now I know what you must be thinking, 'that's amazing, how can I help?'  Well my friends, it's simple. Just visit the Facebook campaign and like my photo; it's as easy as that. The winners will be chosen based on popularity and capturing the Camuto aesthetic, so if you like what you see, show your support and like, like, like my photo! I'll love you forever if you do... Oh who am I kidding, I'll love you forever anyway! xx

Outfit details: blouse- Forever 21; faux leather skirt- H&M motorcycle boots c/o Vince Camuto; clutch- vintage YSL; necklace- Forever 21; watch- Michael Kors; neon bracelet- H&M; ring- YSL


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