When I saw this photo posted on the Sartorialist today I had a minor case of deja vu... You see, I was certain that I had admired this outfit somewhere else many moons ago. And after a few minutes of stealth detective work, my suspicions were confirmed. As it turns out, this look was posted by the fabulous Alix on the Cherry Blossom Girl waaay back in January. I remember loving her distressed denim, Lacoste cape, Chloe booties, and how they all tied together. The overall look becomes one of casual sophistication as Alix blends high end pieces with more relaxed items (think Levi jeans and a Uniqlo top). I can just picture her jaunting around Paris on a lazy Sunday afternoon in this look, stopping to admire a few fabulous vitrines and enjoy a scrumptious pastry along the way... Doesn't that sound divine? If ever you find yourselves in need of a little inspiration, check out her blog- this girl's wardrobe is, in a word, insane...

Image courtesy of the Sartorialist


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