what would she wear?

If you've ever so much as laid eyes on the lovely and stylish Louise Ebel, you know that when it comes to this particular Parisienne, a little bit of glamour goes a long way... Her blog, Pandora, serves as an endless source of inspiration, comprised of equal parts whimsy, style and allure. Louise captures my heart time and time again with her feminine ensembles, amazing accessories, and artful photography, complete with a killer Parisian backdrop that just makes everything she does seem that much cooler... So when left to ponder what this stydol would wear, my imagination takes a turn down sartorial avenue, meeting somewhere near the corner of fabulous and impossibly chic. From girlie frocks to oxfords, and Wayfarers to Chanel, these are but a few pieces I picture my beloved to gravitate towards... and if they're good enough for my Louise, then they're certainly good enough for me.

For a complete list of the items seen above, or for shopping info, check out my Polyvore page


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