Wardrobe Wednesday...


Hi lovelies! What do you think of this weeks WW item? Now before you go and get excited over this vintage Chanel bag, I'm going to burst your bubbles and tell you that I'm not 100% sure of its authenticity... Actually no, that's not true, I'm pretty sure it's not legit. I bought it about five years ago from a vintage shop that convinced a very young and naive me that it was real... "Look at all the markings on the hardware," they said. "You can tell that it's authentic from the quality leather used." On and on they went until I was not only convinced, but actually excited to shell out the $100+ for my little lie of a handbag... I'm not bitter, I swear.

Have you guys been duped when it comes to designer goods before? Please tell me I'm not alone here... xx



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