Wardrobe Wednesday...


As you can probably tell, I'm an insanely huge fan of Moon Raven Designs. I first gushed about them here, many Wardrobe Wednesdays ago, when I got my raven skull necklace. I've worn it non-stop since then (revelling in its Pamela Love-esque glory), and have dreamed of all the pieces I'd like to eventually add to my collection... So you can imagine my delight when Mr. AIF surprised me with their brass claw necklace for my birthday! What a guy!

I love the design and level of edge it gives my otherwise girlie ensembles, plus it always attracts so much attention... Is that a claw? people gawk as they lean in to appraise it closely. Why yes, yes it is, I beam. Not that I'm an attention hog or anything (quite the opposite, really), but it's nice to wear something that gets so much love, you know? Plus it's a compliment to Mr. AIF's gift-giving abilities... No matter how you look at it, all signs point to winning.

Image detail: Moon Raven Designs brass claw necklace



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