The New York Times included a Print Mixology feature in their April 14th issue that I found to be quite an interesting little read... Now I'm sure many of you are already aware of/read this piece; however, for those of you who have not, take a sec and check it out. I absolutely love these photos and tips for mixing prints so much that I deem them worthy of a repeat performance. And now, with no further ado, five sage guidelines for dressing this season:
  1. Vary the scale. Mix a small neat print with a splashier one. Or an eye-popper with one that’s more neutral.
  2. Stay within the same color family.
  3. Mix up the fabrics, the weights — a rough-textured fabric with a more refined one. Somehow a nubby, slubby fabric pairs up more naturally with a flat weave than do two smooth-textured fabrics.
  4. Toss in some polka dots, stripes or even leopard prints, which are easier to mix with other patterns because they’re simple and graphic. And they’re familiar to the eye.
  5. Consider the accessories. Though it’s fun to tote a print bag with a print frock, you can tone down the brights with a great tan leather bag or pair of sandals. Straw works, too.

Images courtesy of the NY Times


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