I am by nature a hoarder. I put loads of sentimental value on clothes and hate getting rid of stuff for fear of wanting it again in a few months time and subsequently kicking myself for never being able to find the perfect replacement.  But the combination of a tiny bedroom, little storage and a penchant for buying new things means I've had to bite the bullet and so for the next few weeks I'm going to be having something of a wardrobe purge. I'm hoping to get a separate 'shop' page up and running on Fashion Me Now by the new year, but in the mean time I'm auctioning all the items on Ebay.

I'll be doing the sales in batches with new items going up throughout the upcoming weeks. The above are just a few pieces from of the initial offering.  The top suede Navajo jacket is a real favourite and I am gutted to see it go... Please someone give it a good home!

You can find my Ebay page here.  Any queries, you can contact me through Ebay, leave me a comment or e-mail me.

Happy bidding y'all xx


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