{Style} Floral Freedom...

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Happy November, or as it shall forever be known in my heart, Shopember... That's right my friends, the ban is officially over and you are now looking at a free woman. Confession? I ended up cheating a smidgen last weekend and bought these floral leggings from Zara while searching for my Halloween costume (a permissible expense). In my defense, I fell in love with them instantly and they only had one pair left in my size... Hey, what's a girl to do?

Now before you go and start throwing rotten food at me, hear me out— You see, technically I stopped shopping on Sept. 20, and although I missed the official ban-lift by a few days, I refrained from buying any clothing for over a month, so I figured it was justifiable. And did I mention that I loooove them? Come on, I'm only human. xx

Outfit details: blouse- Forever 21; floral leggings- Zara; booties- Aldo; necklace- Zara; ring- H&M; watch- Michael Kors; bracelet- the Bay


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