{Style} Fleeting Fall...

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I live in a strange, anomaly of a city where it snows just as quickly as it melts, completely messing with your head when you're trying to get dressed in the morning. These photos were taken last week during a particularly warm period, however the very next day, mother nature flipped us the bird and dumped snow on our unsuspecting heads. A snow which, unfortunately, won't be going anywhere for the next six or so months... Not cool, Edmonton. Basically what I'm trying to tell you is enjoy these fall-ish photos while you can, because for the next few months all you're going to see here on AiF is snow, snow, snow... Consider yourselves officially warned.

Happy Monday, friendlies! xx 

Outfit details: sweater & blouse- Forever 21; faux leather shorts- H&M; booties- Aldo; necklace (hidden in most photos)- thrifted; watch- Michael Kors; bracelet- The Bay; ring- vintage


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