I'll be moving house at the end of the summer so my thoughts (and pins) have shifted slightly, with interiors and all things inside being my mental focus of late. As we’ll be renting and the square-footage is likely to be pretty small, it’s all about little details and personal add-ons that make a big difference.

Mirrored trays for making lotions and potions look a little nicer.

Make-shift bar cart

Simple wood bath tray 

On the hunt for the perfect set of old horns for the wall

'Morroccan bed spread' is one of my favourite ebay search terms right now. 

Might have to invest in one of my favourite candles (Baies) as a house-warming present to myself

Roller-wallpaper - such a good idea

Ikat rugs and stacks of magazines

Vintage tea tins for herbs

Love these skull catcti; the one house plant I won't kill. 

More rugs, trunks and catci

Drinks tray

Found this on Pinterest-a great way for making an ugly bed look a bit prettier. Anyone know where from?

I'm obsessed with insects at the moment (not as weird as it sounds I promise!) and I love these prints from Graham & Green.

Mini ladder for a side table

I already have these but just love them. Never throw away old candle jars! 

 I love the idea of a wall of random photos, prints and posters. 

Kilim floor cushions

More horns and lots of clean white to save it from all feeling cluttered.

And last but not least, a dream house for the 'one day' box.


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