I'm not one for award shows, but as I perused the 2010 Golden Globe Awards photos on www.justjared.com this morning, I couldn't help but notice one commonality between all the gowns: they were all completely dull. And unflattering. And, well, I'm just going to go ahead and say it- ugly. Am I alone in feeling this way? I can't believe that these celebs actually paid stylists to outfit them in such lackluster dresses! The only exception I saw was the lovely Zoe Saldana's Louis Vuitton gown... I thought it was beautifully captivating in both colour and design, with its flirty layers and bows cascading all the way down to its mini train. Zoe is always stylishly clad, and I would expect nothing less from her... but to all the other celebs that graced the Golden Globe red carpet this year: I'm sorry, but what were you thinking?

Image by Merritt/Getty, courtesy of www.justjared.com


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