guilty pleasure...

OK, I'll admit it, I shop on Forever 21's Canadian website from time to time... call it a guilty pleasure if you will, but when it comes to mucho trends for little dinero, Forever 21 can be a gal's best friend. The selection is pretty impressive, and not only is it inexpensive, but you get free shipping on orders of $75 or more- a total that's by no means hard to amass. And before you know it, there's a pretty white parcel awaiting on your doorstep! Items sell out fast though, so there's no time to hum and haw over a purchase... I placed an order just two nights ago, and when I returned to the site today for some images of my purchases, I sadly could only find one of a shirt I'm anxiously awaiting. This looks like the perfect top to throw on with jeans and boots, or pair with a high-waisted skirt, tights and ankle booties. It's all about the Breton stripes, baby! I'm also greatly anticipating the 80's inspired skirt and silk floral dress in my order, the latter of which will most likely be worn as a shirt to avoid indecency... Oh Forever 21, what would I ever do without you?
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