As we know all too well, the coming of each year presents an opportunity to shed the vices of years past in favour of healthier, more productive choices. Like it or not, resolutions are everywhere, saturating conversations and notepads with aspirations of weight loss, career gains, travel, etc. Always a sucker for such proclamations of self-betterment, I ring in each and every year with a list that always seems to set me up for failure. Well this year I say no more. It's a new decade, and I have resolved to not make any resolutions that I can't- or won't- keep this year. Instead of trying to lose weight or get a better job, I think I will simply try to enjoy each day to the fullest, appreciating my loved ones and all my many blessings along the way. May 2010 find everyone happy, healthy, and free from the stresses of resolutions... Happy New Year!


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