Wardrobe Wednesday... It's in the bag!



Hello lovelies! How is everyone on this fine Wednesday morning? The weather is awfully gloomy here today, so I decided to postpone my original idea for today's post (which would require some outdoor shots) and instead show you the bag my mom bought for me last week... You likey? I likey!

There's a chance I might be taking a little trip this summer (fingers crossed!), so I needed a little travel tote just in case... After all, silly me left her red plaid one in Edmonton! Geesh... Knowing my error, my super sweet mother found me this awesome bag and surprised me with it... I know, right? SO SWEET! This bag will be the perfect "weekender," and hopefully will hold just the right amount of carry-on goodies if (and again, fingers crossed) when I take that trip... Now if only I could just get around to renewing my passport!

What do you guys use when travelling? And more importantly, any fab summer plans you wanna share?? xx



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