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Writing this blog is the single most fulfilling project I've ever worked on, and I'm always thankful/baffled that you guys pop in each day to see what's up. But as many of you well know, running a blog can be more akin to a full-time job than a side project, so figuring out how to balance work and blogging (and, well, life) can be tricky. I myself work full-time and write a weekly column (which together require me to attend about four events per week), and since people always ask how I manage to post 5x a week on top of that, I thought I would share what works for me here. I'm by no means an expert on the subject though, so if you guys have suggestions or tried-and-true tricks for balancing everything and not ending up in a straight jacket, I'm all ears... So with that said, here goes!

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule
Working ahead is the only way I'm able to post Monday to Friday, so I schedule my time down to the minute. I know exactly when I'll be taking outfit photos, how long it will take to write and promote each post, etc, so I schedule my time accordingly.

2. Make an editorial calendar
Outfit posts are one thing, but if your blog is made up of different features and content, having an editorial calendar is key. I like to sit down at the end of each month to plan DIY's, giveaways or anything else that comes to mind for the following month. This is also an opportunity to remind myself of any project/collaboration due dates I have coming up, which are easy to forget when things pile up. So in the end, not only does having an editorial calendar keep me on task, but it helps break up my content and add another dimension to my personal style-focus as well.

3. Enlist the help of friends + loved ones
This is a big one. If I didn't have supportive people around me willing to snap photos or bounce ideas off of, I would literally have to stop blogging. My co-worker Brittney is always game for snapping lunchtime photos (even in the dead of winter!), and Mr. AiF's (usually) more than happy to play the role of photographer/blog manager, listening to me go on at length about different projects and ideas. And considering the type of blog I run, there really wouldn't be an Adventures in Fashion if not for their help. 

Another great way to stay on top of content creation is to make friends with other bloggers with a similar focus to yours, and simply help each other out. For instance, no coffee date or hang out session with my pal Kastles happens without a round of outfit photos, so find a Kastles, Brittney or Lobbie of your own and get them drinking your blog's Kool-Aid, so to speak.

4. Work ahead 
Days off are definitely meant for having fun, but when the majority of your content just so happens to be generated from the outfits you wear, weekends suddenly become a fashion blogger's best friend. I like to photograph one or two looks over the weekend to have a cushion for the following week, editing photos and scheduling posts in between episodes of Girls or Downton Abbey. Besides, you never know what may come up or what the weather will be like (I found this discipline particularly helpful during the harsh winter months), so having a back stock of photos translates into less stress and time wasting later on. This applies to bloggers of all kinds — Like those adorable little boys in beige say, always be prepared

5. Batch
I find the best way to boost my productivity is to focus on one task at a time. I do that by carving out periods dedicated to different tasks throughout the day, like responding to emails or processing ads. It can be difficult balancing the creative (aka- fun) aspects of blogging with the business side of things (if that's your focus), so designating 20 min to one task or an hour to another really helps me focus and GSD rather than jumping from one thing to the next.

6. Recharge
You know how I said that days off are for having fun (in addition to working ahead)?  Well I meant it. Taking the time to relax and recharge will boost your creative juices and not only make you a better blogger, but a better person as well. So unplug, disconnect and do things that make you happy each week — Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to chime in with all your brilliant, task-juggling tricks — The more the better! xx

Photo by John Rawlings (Vogue, 1953)


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