{DIY} Striped Makeup Bag...

 photo stripedmakeupbag_zpsc6182df7.jpg

I've been incredibly drawn to the striped pouchettes at Chapters right now, and always stop to admire them whenever I'm in the store. Mr. AiF scolded me last time we were there together with, you know, words of reason and whatnot... Pfffft, AS IF I don't need another makeup bag! What does he know, anyway? Well, I guess something he said must have sunk in, because I decided to revamp this old Zara clutch instead of caving to my baser instincts (to which shopping totally applies) and buying yet another pouch.

Want to breathe new life into an old bag too? Repeat after me: Tape, paint, dry, remove tape, acetone smudges... It's as simple as that, my friends! xx

  photo makeupbag_zpsf6c9815a.jpg


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